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3 month plans!

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3 month plans

Functional endurance training must be properly designed from the start to create the desired physical adaptations and see long-term success


The "grind" is where the magic happens but is often accompanied with pitfalls and interruptions. Having an experienced coach in your corner will be an indispensable asset


Training is only half the battle. Racing is an acquired skill that requires proper execution to see the true fulfillment of all your training

Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.



Força Running truly caters to the individual runner and is invested in supporting the runner to meet their goals.

  Through their guidance, I was able to get into peak shape for a key marathon, amid some tough injuries.  
I trust their coaching philosophy and have seen first hand how following their individual training plan has allowed me to continue reaching for my potential as a runner.

Amber green, olympic trials marathon qualifier

I have never been a super-competitive runner and mostly signed up for races to give me motivation to keep myself in shape but this year I wanted to step it up.  

Because of this training program I crushed my marathon PR by 25 minutes and qualified for Boston which I was not expecting at all!  If you want to step up your running game, I would definitely recommend a training plan from Força Running!

–Ami Williams, west virginia, usa

After having my third child, I set a goal to qualify for the Boston Marathon.  

After three months of being under a Força Running program I not only qualified but they got me way under the qualifying time!

heidi low, utah, usa

Hayden knew my goals for the Zion 100 race and expertly pushed me through the dramatic lows that a runner experiences during the last 25 miles of a 100 mile race. I credit him with my 7th place finish.

I look forward to working with Hayden in the future on my most difficult races.

Joshua Stevens, professional mtn ultra trail runner (inov-8/steigen sports)