Meet the Coaches

The guys behind the program!

Nate Houle

Nate brings over 25 years of experience in the sport to Força Running. Having coached D1 NCAA Championship qualifiers from the 800m to the 10k, and current coach of Hayden Hawks, one of the top ultra runners in the world, Nate's coaching background encompasses a wide range of athlete types and backgrounds. His knowledge of exercise physiology and nutrition combined with coaching expertise will help you get the most out of your training and help you enjoy the process along the way no matter what your goals are!

Head XC Coach, Idaho State University
MS Exercise Physiology
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Hayden Hawks

Hayden is a professional athlete running for HOKA ONE ONE, Nathan Hydration, SUUNTO, Unived Sports, and Drymax Socks. As an Elite ultra mountain and trail runner who came from a track and field background, Hayden understands every distance and variety the sport of distance running has to offer. Hayden has gained years of experience while excelling in all disciplines of the sport and is currently one of top-ranked Ultra Marathon runners in the World. He has competed for numerous USA national teams, running against the best runners in the world and has accumulated knowledge from some the best runners and coaches on the planet. Through experience and study he can offer advice in the areas of nutrition, biomechanics, racing, training, and mental preparation.

Professional Athlete
BS Exercise Science